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Lucky Break Traditional Bluegrass

Music is a Language of Many Dialects. Lucky Break Speaks Just One: Traditional Bluegrass

Before mass culture made us all the same from suburb to shining suburb, our dialect told people where we came from. Lucky Break’s home is in the music of the Appalachian hills – in sad ballads of lost loves and hard times, in breakneck fiddle tunes that could make the dead tap their feet, and in sweet songs of redeeming love, heavenly and otherwise. The oldest songs have traveled well for hundreds of years, becoming a tradition that transcends place and time. Bluegrass music is no longer regional. But the source remains the same and will never change.

It’s the distilled essence of the life of the common folk filtered through three chords and poured from the heart that makes Lucky Break’s music what it is. The pure vocals, intricate harmonies, and instrumental virtuosity are all here too, but that’s the easy part. It’s the feeling that separates high lonesome from high tech.

So if your recent musical listening has involved too much slick production and not enough broken heart, sample some of our songs. It might be the Lucky Break you’ve been waiting for.