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Comments on Jerry Wicentowski

By Orrin Star

Date:         Sun, 3 Jun 2001 23:38:33 EDT
Sender:       Guitar Flatpicking [FLATPICK-L@LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU]
From:         Orrin Star [Orhay@AOL.COM]
Subject:      Re: Wicentowski, et al

I met Jerry W. a couple months back when he was in town** (performing at
the Bottom Line with a Statman led ensemble as the opener for the Sam Bush

He is a truly stunning lead vocalist, with a rich Mac Wiseman-caliber
baritone but the drive and cujones of Jimmy Martin.  In bluegrass today--
ie with more tenor-ish singers like Ricky Skaggs and Del McCoury singing
lead--it is refreshing to hear.

... he's capable of the kind of vocal bear-hug that you get from Doc.

Anyway, check him out if he's ever playing near you.

Orrin Star
** Live performance at The Bottom Line, New York, NY, on February 28, 2001

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